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Embark on a journey of mastery with our Secondary English, Mathematics, and Science programs, designed to illuminate the curriculum's path. At Study Plus, we're your key to unlocking unwavering confidence and nurturing your subject prowess. Get ready to conquer your GCSE exams with our expert guidance, rooted in proven techniques endorsed by examining bodies. Success is your destination; let us be your guide.

While KS3 students aren't subjected to formal national exams, their progress is continually assessed through topic tests, year-end evaluations, coursework, and teacher observations.
A recent reform has revamped the GCSE grading system, replacing the A* - G scale with the 9-1 system. Grade 4 represents the new pass standard, while Level 9 is the pinnacle of GCSE achievement. These new grades may bear similarities to the old ones; for instance, a low Grade 1 mirrors a low Grade G, a low Grade 4 aligns with a low Grade C, and a low Grade 7 corresponds to a low Grade A.

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In English, there's no longer a foundation paper, with all students facing the same assessment. Science adopted the 9-1 system in 2018, with other subjects gradually transitioning to align with the core subjects.

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