Primary Tuition

Private Tutoring for Primary Children in Heston, Hounslow UK

Primary Tuition
Based in Heston

Establishing a strong educational foundation hinges on solidifying essential English and Mathematics skills from the outset. At AL Noor Tuition Centre, we excel in providing top-notch English and Math tutoring.

In English, we focus on refining SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar), while enhancing reading comprehension abilities, such as information retrieval and drawing inferences from text.

In Mathematics, we guide students in mastering their times tables, developing problem-solving methods, and applying these skills to relevant year-specific learning objectives.

Our primary tutoring sessions are designed for both engagement and personalization, creating an enjoyable learning experience. Our aim is to boost students’ confidence and foster a love for independent learning. We offer guidance to correct mistakes and celebrate achievements, ensuring a supportive and encouraging environment.
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What are SATs?


SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests) assess the extent to which your child has comprehended the learning objectives in Mathematics and English as outlined in the curriculum.


The KS2 SATs tests evaluate your child's grasp of Reading, Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, and Mathematics. These scores help gauge their knowledge and are utilized by secondary schools to provide the right academic support.

Each student gets a scaled score, with 100 as the expected achievement level set by the government. This score reflects how well they're doing in these subjects.

primary tutoring
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At AL Noor Tuition Centre, we specialize in intensive KS2 SATs preparation, ensuring our students are fully equipped for success. Our mission is to alleviate exam stress by building students’ confidence in understanding the SATs’ structure and format.

We offer exceptional SATs revision, armed with previous exam papers, extensive experience, and examiner insights. Our approach goes beyond content coverage – we empower students to comprehend each question and maximize their scores through the right techniques. Your child’s SATs success begins here!

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